Guess What?! I actually love MOVING.

Yes, I enjoy moving. I love packing, unpacking, organizing, re-decorating, etc. L-O-V-E it. I live in an apartment complex with my mom, her husband, and my brother. My brother is now a freshman and his school is over 30 miles from home, therefore he is required to move-in to campus. YAY! That means we’re moving to a smaller place since our lease is up. I am actually moving at the end of this week, and if that isn’t enough, I am looking for a new job as we speak. I’ve been doing so much research on this job hunting stuff (more to come later). While all this is going on I found some free time to re-create my room. So EXCITING! Here’s a quick inspiration board I put together:

My current decor lost meaning a few months back. When we first moved to this (now old place) I was aiming for a quote/Paris/Eiffel Tower theme. It worked great for a few months, but it was too specific. I don’t know it felt “weird”.

For this new room, I’ve chosen more of a theme-less look. I just want to mix in some colors but still have simplicity. In my current room set-up I don’t have an “Office Space”, I just kind of blog from my bed… not always as comfortable as it sounds. A lot of my furniture for the new space will be upholstered or swaps. I’ll be doing some DIYs for those.

Here are the links:
Bedding – I’m choosing it in the color “Peacock”
Yellow Pillows – 2 of these 18×18
Navy Blue Pillow – Just one of these
Desk and Dresser – I already own (DIY Projects)
Chair – White
Watermelon Pillow – For the chair

I hope you enjoy this process with me and WELCOME TO THEGIRLANDCHARLIE 😉


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