The 5 Golden Rules: Moving Edition

We’ve all been there, just when you think you have everything under control before your move… you don’t. My family and I have moved 5 times in the past 10 years. Not because we wanted to, but situations had us moving. I’m a fairly organized person. Before I began to pack for my move I made sure everything was organized and stored, in order to make it easy for me to pack (throw) into boxes. Yeah, hmm, no.

My room 
More room stuff.
All the white bags are trash! How much trash can I have in this small room? I’m organized… After looking at my mess and sketching a plan in my head I came up with these 5 Golden Rules of packing. 
1. Throw away – Give away – Sell
This is an oldie but goodie. I realized I kept so much around I didn’t actually need! For example, I have over 50 bottles of nail polish, why? I truly don’t know, I don’t even polish my nails – went shellac and I’m never going back. So how do we fix this? Simple, take some time, preferably before you begin packing for your move and ask yourself these questions:
Am I currently using this?
If the answer is no the, When was the last time I used this? – I wouldn’t say give yourself a time frame (a year) because that isn’t for everyone, but only you know if it’s been way too long and it’s got to go.
2. Pack. Pack. Pack – In boxes, etc.

We’re literally moving to a smaller apartment within the complex. Nothing big or fancy. The mistake we made was to leave a few things out of boxes (some decor, big bedding, etc.) things that are easy to carry. The problem, we are moving to a third floor – lazy statement. This makes our move much longer than it should be. So, pack!!! PACK everything. Even the day of your move, pack the items you left out to use that day of (clothing, toothbrush, and whatnot).

3. Get all the HELP you can get.

One thing we’ve done in previous moves and will be doing this move is using friends/family. Now this is only golden if you’re moving to an area where you know people. I’m sorry. What we’ve done is ask friends to help us move, this cuts down on the cost of hiring movers. Depending on the age group and relationship you can easily repay your helpers without spending too much. This time we’ve asked a family friend to help, we will provide food and drinks for him during the move and will give him a few bucks for his help. We also have the 4 of us and my grandparents.

In the past we’ve always provided food and drinks. We don’t always pay because some friends might just owe us a favor or we end up owing them one. No biggie. Find ways to repay people you already know.

4. Make piles.

Yes, piles! Once you’re in the new place, look around and make a plan. Organize, make a list, sketch a plan (works wonders for me). Some things you previously had a “system” for might need to be replaced, rearranged, and/or moved. So, when it’s time to unpack make piles of what goes where in the new place. Now don’t let those get too big to where you now have clutters all over the new home. Once you see these are getting in the way of life start to organize. I will make a pile for my new bathroom. Everything from towels (which were previously in my closet) to make-up.

This cuts down on having to move back and forward between boxes and projects. Made my unpacking as easy as 1 night!

5. Relax and take it easy.

If you’re as busy as we are you don’t have hours/days to sit and unpack. Use the time you have wisely and unpack necessities. Those board games, purses, some decor, etc. can wait! Start by unpacking living areas, bathrooms, rooms, and kitchen. Anything you can’t get to store in a closet until you can get to it. No one knows its there 😉 So, take your time. I will get done. Don’t rush after a long day or days of moving. Moving is like a full week of work in one day!

Hope this helps out a little. Moving isn’t fun for everyone. The good thing is that when it’s done, it’s DONE! Have fun.


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