Charlie’s Dental Hygiene

Everyone knows dogs require lots of love and care. What does that mean? That simply means, regular vet visits, daily teeth brushing, scheduled feeding time, medicines, shots, monthly grooming, and LOTS  of constant research. 

My current research is toothpaste! Doggie dental hygiene is key to a dog’s health. There are many diseases linked to poor dental hygiene. I make sure to brush Charlie’s teeth daily, I created a routine. He gets so excited, thankfully he loves to get his teeth brushed! 
It was great as a beginner toothpaste, but as Charlie grows his needs change. So, I began my research. I looked at ratings, what experts were saying, what his vet recommended. I visited Pet Product Advisor and compared a few products. Finally, I decided to try Arm & Hammer’s Complete Pet Dental Care Kit. Since this is a new brand for both Charlie and I it’s best to start with a sample kit. This sample kit includes toothpaste, water additive, finger brush, double-end toothbrush, and a toy! All for under $20.
I’ll be doing a full review once Charlie runs through the whole kit. I’m very excited to see some results. As I mentioned this sample kit includes a water additive, which I was already mixing into Charlie’s water. I’m a loyal-to-one-brand kinda gal. Therefore, I was using Nylabone’s Liquid Tartar Remover. I had purchase tartar remover because Charlie showed some signs, or I thought, of tartar. Later, his vet explained it was teeth-discoloration since birth. 
I will most likely continue a tartar treatment for Charlie because I don’t want to take any risks. I’m going to try this water additive from the sample kit, which is a breath freshener. 
I’ve been brushing Charlie’s teeth since he was a puppy. I can guarantee there is no such thing as “puppy breath” if you’re following a good dental hygiene regime for your puppy/dog. Charlie’s never had bad breath, EVER. It’s so important to take care of your pet. Do everything needed. Pets need love, but also lots of care. Take care of their health, they will be happy and around for a long while. 

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