5 days and 3 ways OUT.

Oh MY Gosh! I am moving out of my mother’s nest in officially 5 days. I remember the day I signed my lease, moving day seemed so far away. Now it’s time to get real and with all these moving expenses my bank account is in a lot of pain. So, I did some research. I wanted to find a way to create a budget that will work for me. After all, I’m a single girl with a dog. I searched the good ‘ole Google, the Pinterest, and lovely Etsy. I want to share with you the different ways and tools I found that will work for me. (I am very proud of my research!)

1. The Binder

This is a lovely and conventional way. I love writing, making grocery shopping list, pros and cons list (my favorite!). If that’s you and that’s how you stay organized than this method is for you. I love this because you can easily make a visible plan. See where money is coming and going, and make sure you don’t miss those little bills that sneak up on your bank account (like that Spotify). I found this FREE printable from Thirty Hand Made Days on Pinterest for that.

2. The Excel Sheet
Excel has been around for years and it’s well known for it’s budgeting abilities. Well, I know how to make a table, input data, and convert my data into beautiful graphs. That’s it. I can’t figure out how to make my table work for my budget. I found this instant download on PrintColor‘s Etsy shop. It’s beautifully created and the best part, its EDITABLE and PRINTABLE. Oh wait, that’s not the only great part. This document is only $3.50!!! The possibilities are endless with this budgeting tool. 
3. The “7 Bank Accounts”
Loved this post by Fun, Cheap, or Free. So glad I stumbled upon it. This post is equipped with all the info you need for this very “21st Century” budgeting style. Many banks now include online banking which makes this method that much more interesting. You can watch your money go to different places and only use a certain card for certain necessities. Love this! (I think I already said that…) Read more about it HERE and see if this is the perfect way for you. 
These are my top three picks for budgeting now that I will be my own Head of Household. I’ve narrowed my choices down to three I will choose one and elaborate more. Stay tuned!
xoxo Jenn


3 thoughts on “5 days and 3 ways OUT.

    • Jenniffer Nevarez says:

      Oh, it has been extremely stressful. Lots of work and emotions running everywhere. After 2 months I feel as if I’ve gotten the hang of things now. I try to keep things in order for my sanity lol I will definitely be blogging more about organizing. I love it!


      • amandalyle1986 says:

        I think you’ve done very well. I should probably take some tips – I’m the opposite, very unorganised indeed, and yes! It does drive me crazy!
        All the best to you with your new home! I’m sure it will look amazing 🙂


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