Dreams & Charlie’s Birthday!!

 I woke up this20140718_100838 morning reflecting on some life long dreams. What I want my life to look like a year   from now, never more than a year. For some reason I am frighten of the thought of knowing what my life could be like in 10 years. Anyhow, I couldn’t stop thinking of my dreams, my goals, my wants. Who I want to be is not who I am, nor where I want to be.

I started blogging when I was a sophomore in high school. English is my second language, therefore I was terrified of writing. I actually love writing. I love being able to express how I feel without a sound. Always felt like a barrier, but a barrier I had placed before me.


And if that isn’t enough, today I am also celebrating this stud muffins 2nd birthday! I am so blessed to share my 20s with such a precious loving soul. I love my Charlie. I love caring for him and investing my time, money, and love. Dogs truly are best friends. He is mine. He is healthy today and filled with life. To many more years my sweet Charlie Sheen!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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